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Patient engagement is vital to expand a practice. Patient engagement can be defined in several ways, but ultimately it is an ongoing interaction between the patient and practice. When approached correctly, a strong engagement strategy can not only lead to more happy and satisfied patients but will also keep them coming back for more.

Patient engagement involves encouraging patients in their own care to help improve health outcomes, drive better patient care, and achieve lower costs. It combines a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage their own care with communications designed to promote positive behaviours. Patients want to be engaged and informed in their healthcare decision-making process, and those who are engaged in their care tend to be healthier.


Are you looking to replace your telephone system?
- Do you feel that frequent engaged tones may be leading to frustrated patients?
- Would you like a phone system that links to your practice management software so you can greet patients by their name and save time.
- Would you like to monitor and improve the way your staff communicate with patients?

Let us help you with that, modern IP based telephone systems have improved daily practice management efficiency and provided an efficient phone system. More robust and powerful, the ongoing cost of line rental and calls is much lower than traditional multi-line and ISDN trunks.

We currently offer an 'On-Premises (SIP)' system or a 'Cloud (Hosted)' system.

The On-premises solution offers the following features:

  • Hunt groups

  • Music on hold

  • Transfers

  • Call forwarding

  • Voicemail

  • Call queuing

  • Call monitoring

  • TAPI integration (e.g. Exact/R4)

The Cloud solution offers the following features:

  • Hunt groups

  • Music on hold

  • Transfers

  • Call forwarding

  • Voicemail


Patients Say “Yes” to Text

Text messages reach patients effectively and with greater speed than e-mails or phone calls, which makes text messages a great addition to your patient communication tool-kit. Beyond the benefit to your practice, text messages also benefits patients.

Text Messages Are Effective And Convenient - Texts are delivered rapidly, are easy to retrieve and can be integrated with smart-phone calendars.

True SMS Text Messages - Your text can be delivered to ANY cell phone that accepts texts.

Text Reply Capabilities - You can view responses in real-time.

User-configurable Caller-ID - You can choose a number your patients will recognize.


Reaching your patients through the technology they already use is key to patient engagement, and email and text are the most effective way to reach patients of all ages.

Technology has been changing health care for more than a century, and with each new technological advancement—be it telephone, e-mail, the Internet, electronic health records (EHRs), personal health records (PHRs), or social media—there has been both celebration and criticism.

Enables fast communication
This is one of the main benefits of using email as a means of communication. It’s an easy and fast method that allows many healthcare providers and patients to interact.

Target selected audience
With a large email file, it’s easy to segment your messages to go to your selected audiences. It’s possible to categorise the messages to the targeted groups depending on their needs. Patients can also choose to receive information from a certain healthcare provider only and that means, you can target only those who’re interested in reading your information.

Increased online interaction
For health-care providers to bridge the gap between them and patients, email platform will solve this problem. Health-care businesses can establish a strong relationship with their patients by using emails to send important health information.

Personalized communication
Everyone love to see their name when we open the email. With emails, you can personalize the email messages by customizing them to go to individual patients. Your patients will generate loyalty when addressed personally through email messages, especially when dealing with sensitive matters and treatments.

Extremely cost-effective
Using e-mail is one of the low-cost communication tools available in the marketing industry today.

Newsletter distribution
This is yet another reason why a dental practice should use email messaging as a perfect medium to distribute their newsletters.

Call us today to find out more about how can we help you with communication issues?


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