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X-Ray images are an essential part of any dental practice and continuous availability of the hardware and software to support is critical to business.


It is important that your imaging software is closely integrated with your dental system. The software and database should be set up to integrate with the patient records to allow convenient and consistent access. Practice staff should also be able to access the database from any workstation to reach patient images anywhere on the network, not just the surgery.

Your image database should be backed up extensively and securely; this is a legal obligation for data protection and the loss of this information could be extremely damaging to the reputation of any business with potential financial consequences. We ensure there is a good local, and if applicable, remote backup copy of your x-ray database is maintained. Frequency of backup can be decided as per your business requirements. We ensure highest levels of security for the remote backup.


IT For Dental works with partners to provide you one-stop shop experience. Our partners have vast amount of experience in installation and configuration of a broad range of imaging equipment and software from leading manufacturers, including but not limited to:


    Schick by Sirona
    Soredex products such as Digora
    Duerr products, such as Vistascan


    Examine Pro
    Kodak Imaging (previously Trophy)
    OnDemand 3D


Dental Practice ownership is the most thrilling aspect of a dentist's professional life. Providing important oral health care and other treatments to the public rewards you and helps communities.

Whether you are looking to buy your first – or next – dental practice, or just upgrading to next level of facilities we at ITFORDENTAL are here to help you deal with any IT related issues.

We have undertaken many migration projects covering installation of the new system and upgrading equipment/software versions.

Contact us if you need assistance with migrating your existing setup or upgrading the same.


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